Cab Fixtures

Push Buttons

Elevators should be easy to understand. Buttons should be clearly marked on the button panels with appropriate numbers, letter and symbols. Modern LED buttons will look great in your elevator cab. They are durable and built to last.


It's easy to light up a small space, but when it comes to a cab that travels through an elevator shaft, there are special considerations to keep in mind. EMH is aware of the best lights for your elevator cabs. One of the best choices is LED lamps. LED offers the best in very low heat emissions. LED will provide an efficient plan for choosing lower energy for lower utility costs. One of the best ways to get an efficient plan is to choose LED over other options since it uses lower energy for lower utility costs

LED lights give good illumination with low glare providing both a pleasant and safe ride. Emergency lights are an important component. Proper emergency lighting is wired so that it will be available in the event of a power outage and keep occupants calm. More building owners are using white lights instead of red lights because they seem to be more effective in keeping people calm.


We offer handrails in various styles, materials and configurations. We're sure that we can install the exact handrail system that you're looking for. Manufactured to your specifications, using premium grade materials for a beautiful look, complimenting appearance, and exceptional durability. The rail hardware mounts quickly and allows fast and easy installation right into your cab.


Touchscreen systems will make your cab look up-to-date and modern.

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