Elevator Installation

Our design team will take you through the entire planning and design phase of your elevator project. We want you to have a basic understanding of elevator installation to ensure you that you're getting the best possible elevator solution. Elevator systems are comprised of electric motors, safety devices, control boxes, cabins, hydraulics and more, and since every project is unique, we customize every proposal to our customer's requirements.

Home Elevators

We provide innovative solutions for home elevators. The team at EMH provides complete elevator installation solutions for residential homes in Houston. We install efficient and reliable lifting solutions that provide accessibility in private homes, condos and apartment buildings. Our technicians are ready to answer any of your questions about Savaria lift systems offering better mobility for life.

Commercial Elevators

If your commercial property has multiple floors, you are required to make all areas accessible to people who use your property, including those with disabilities. Since lifting solutions for commercial properties can involve a number of different applications, and we want to provide you with the best options and answer all you questions.

Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision. If you have the need or an idea for a special lift application for your commercial space, we will provide you with guides, brochures and answers to your questions. Call us for any concerns you have, including general information about freight elevators, material lifts, dumb waiters and more. We are here to make it easy for you to keep your property up to code and accessible to all with a commercial lift.

Of course, you can also call us for a free quote on the cost to install a commercial elevator, or to learn more about our available elevator lifts. Call us during regular business hours, or contact us anytime »

★ Commercial business owners do not have to worry about laws concerning accessibility when they purchase our products.

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On-Site Evaluations

There is no charge for on-site evaluations anywhere in Houston or surrounding. Our expert technicians will come to your location and take the time to speak to you personally about your building requirements. We do this in order to understand the unique desires of your project. Elevator installation is a significant phase in the development of any structure, so there should be good communication between a contractor and building owner in order to accurately scope, design and deliver the best possible results. Our company team will ensure that the transition from design to installation of the final elevator installation is seamless.

Design, Planning & Installation Phases

EMH wants to be your first choice for elevator installation. We provide safe and efficient solutions for all types of buildings, as well as mobility solutions for residential and handicapped. We'll be there to assist you through the design and planning phases, and then through the installation phase as well.

Since 1986, we've built our reputation on providing out clients with the highest quality products and unsurpassed customer service. We want you to have confidence with EHM when it comes to your new building project.

Buildings with less than about 6-7 stories (usually about 90 feet of distance max)..

Hydraulic Elevators

Mid-rise buildings usually serves up to 20 floors (about 300 feet of distance) ..

Machine Room-less Elevators

Buildings with 50 or more feet of distance..

Traction Elevators

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