Elevator Maintenance

We offer lift maintenance assistance options to ensure the longevity of your elevators. We want to be your long-term and trusted partner throughout the entire life of your elevator system. As an elevator maintenance company, we consider customer confidence to be an important aspect of the elevator industry, and we intend to build confidence with you by consistently delivering the best customer experience.

Maintenance & Modernization

Elevators are sophisticated mechanical devices that involve a large number of working components. Sometimes things can go wrong, as general usage on elevators resulting from employees, working crews, wandering guests and vandalism can take its toll on even the best maintained systems. EMH offers complete elevator services in Houston including maintenance and modernization. Our technicians are very aware of how important regular and systematic attention is from not only a building management team but also from a reliable service provider/contractor.

The Needs of a Vertical Transportation System

Elevators are vertical transportation systems. This means that there are not only moving parts involved, but also multiple locations that contain equipment, control boxes, hoists, and cabs. Each has an assigned duty to play a specific role in the control of the vertical movement of an elevator. Periodic maintenance alone may not be enough, as elevator systems are human transportation systems that are in need of constant reviews and inspections, and possibly modernization.

Maintenance Procedures

Avoiding injury and costly repairs are what makes elevator maintenance worth the investment. Yearly inspections will only satisfy federal requirements and won't necessarily prevent injury or downtime to your system. A sound maintenance plan will help avoid costly, large repairs and replacements of elevator parts, which ultimately saves our clients time and money. Our elevator maintenance plans are specifically designed to keep systems running consistently by finding, diagnosing and fixing problems before they cause bigger problems.

The smaller issues..

Building owners and property managers should personally check elevators on a periodic basis to detect smaller issues, such as ride quality, faulty lights, minor door problems, and slow elevator speeds. While slow elevators might not be much of an issue in a two or three-story building, they can be a serious inconvenience in a tall building with 15 or more stories, and could present a safety issue in an emergency.

Maintenance for elevator health,. the bigger issues..

The indicators were there, but you may not have noticed them in your daily routine. The process of accurately identifying and confirming elevator issues should be left to someone who specializes in elevator maintenance. Planning elevator maintenance should be approached with a preventive mindset rather than reactive one. Don't wait until your elevators are out of service and then react, start now with a maintenance plan that will minimize problems and also ensure a long life span out of your lift system.

Call for a free onsite review!

Reviews can be conducted by any qualified individual, or by a professional from Elevator Maintenance Houston. Reviews should be performed more often than maintenance or inspections, so call us today for an onsite review. We will arrive at your location and provide you with a checklist that outlines areas of your elevator system that should be checked during a normal system review.

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