Elevator Maintenance of Houston

Elevator Maintenance of Houston levator Maintenance of Houston is a full service elevator company specializing in elevator repair and maintenance. We strive to provide you with unsurpassed quality of work ethic for your elevator needs.

Identifying & Solving Unique Problems

The elevator industry requires technicians to possess adequate knowledge in repairing and maintaining the moving parts of a building's vertical transportation system. They must know how to observe and diagnose unique problems that only exist in a dynamic system designed to safely transport humans.

Elevator Repair Services

Elevator Maintenance Houston has the ability to be at your location in a timely manner to properly repair your elevator. We place emphasis on elevator repair because we know that repair is an important aspect of any elevator service provider. We have the ability to handle all of your elevator repair needs 24/7 and take care of any elevator problem imaginable. We are aware that problems can happen just when you least expect them, and sometimes when you need the elevator the most. For this reason, we have made it a priority to serve your needs whenever problems arise.

Every repair job is unique, so once we receive a service call, a mechanic is dispatched to the location and ready for any possible scenario. When our mechanic arrives, he will contact the property owner, locate the problem, decide on a course of action, then follow through with a repair plan. Since our mechanics don't have all the fine details before they arrive, we want to be prepared for just about anything as soon as we confront the problem. Elevator Maintenance Houston will meet your elevator repair challenges head-on and provide you with the very best options possible.

Routine Maintenance

Moreover, once a repair job is complete, the maintenance phase begins. Our routine maintenance plans are specifically designed for the purpose of decreasing the number of future repairs. Thus, we strive to establish a positive client alliance with you because that is equally important to us. Establishing a long-term relationship will enable us to get to know your elevator system better and provide routine maintenance on your set schedule.

Maintenance Procedures

The list of specific procedures in any elevator maintenance plan differ according to the type of elevator that you have. We are able to maintain or repair any type of elevator, whether it's a traction, hydraulic or other - and we can maintain it even if it wasn't installed by us. The purpose of any elevator maintenance plan is to keep your elevator running smoothly for your passengers and to prevent serious problems in the future. An elevator maintenance procedure plan backed by us is an investment in the performance and longevity of your overall lift system.

Whether it's for a large building or private home, Elevator Maintenance of Houston technicians are people who have special skills that involve repairing and maintaining hydraulic jacks, control boxes, cables and elevator cabs. Performing this type of work is not easy, as it requires someone who has the ability to observe and diagnose serious problems that can lead to even more problems if not repaired properly.


We want you to feel confident about our maintenance plans, so we've designed our plans to be simple and effective. When our technicians find problems with your system, they will perform regular repair and maintenance as needed during planned visits and then explain them to you. Educating you is part of our approach to elevator maintenance, and it's what we believe will give you confidence in knowing that you've hired the right company to prevent breakdowns.

Meeting a Variety of Buildings Needs

When it comes to working with moving parts that involve human transportation, Elevator Maintenance of Houston has the ability to meet a variety of buildings needs, including elevator modernization and janitorial. We hope that you will choose EBH as your service provider and invite you to call us anytime during our regular business hours.

Home Elevators

We can also install a custom home elevator system in your private residence that will provide easy access for all members of your family. These are vertical lift systems that can be installed in a private home for regular usage for floor to floor navigation. Our technicians will be happy to discuss the options available to you as a private resident of Houston.

Wheelchair Lifts by Savaria

We can also install a lift system in your home that will provide easy access for members of your family that are elderly or handicapped. These are vertical lift systems that can be installed in a private home for regular usage, or for usage by disabled persons confined to wheelchairs. Savaria provides solutions for Houston residents that want a vertical lift system installed in their own home for accessibility. These systems are specifically designed for individuals with varying degrees of disabilities such as walkers, walking canes and wheelchairs. Call us today to discuss the varying options that are available to private residents.

Paying Attention to Every Detail

We are very aware of many different lifting operations. We know how vitally importance it is when it comes to paying attention to every detail of a client's requests. Elevator Maintenance of Houston understands this very well, and we apply it to every job, whether it's an ongoing maintenance agreement or a one-time elevator installation and repair. We promise the highest level of work ethic on your home or building.

Family Owned & Operated

As a family owned and operated business, we don't feel the need to become a large company in order to fulfill our requirements to satisfy your needs. We rely on our specialized skills of repairing your lift system and maintaining your building with a small, yet very qualified crew of elevator technicians and building maintenance specialists. about us here »

Installation & Modernization

We can provide new installation and modernization of both passenger and freight elevators, escalators and dumb waiters. Our preventative maintenance programs offer 7 days a week, 24 hour on call service. Our repair department has all the answers for your repair needs and can give assistance with all the new elevator codes: A17.1 ASME & TDLR.

Elevator Maintenance of Houston

Improving passenger experience is why building owners in Houston are relying on Elevator Maintenance Houston to upgrade their elevators with better controlled technology, remodeled lobbies, smoother rides and increased security.

As a building increases in age, the need for maintenance on its vertical transportation system increases also. Our modernization department and code compliant products are reasons why we receive more requests for inspections, upgrades and maintenance. Call Elevator Maintenance of Houston today!

★ Texas Elevator Contractors License: 20321

Why choose Elevator Maintenance of Houston?..

A trusted industrial contractor in Texas since 1986.

Elevator Maintenance of Houston is made up of a small group of dedicated personnel that is comprised of family members and dedicated employees that we've known for years. We all believe that excellent customer service is what it takes to serve our client base. We've been in business since 1986, and since then we've decided to remain a small specialized workforce so that we can keep focused and organized on every job site. Keeping a tighter reign on our tools, materials, staff and work area enables us to treat very job with the utmost attention to detail.

"The race for quality has no finish line!"


As a trusted industrial contractor in Texas since 1986, we've built our reputation on a multitude of work guidelines that we consider imperative, and one in particular is confidence. We want to give you confidence that we are conducting ourselves in a high level of professionalism, working under a current Texas contractor license (20321). There is no room for error when working with the moving components of a lift system, and it's for this reason that we've dedicated ourselves to focusing on every specific component of a working transport system. Elevator Building Maintenance wants you to know that our technicians will show up to your property location at exactly your time of need, and the owner will be present.

General Building Maintenance

Every building, home and office needs attention to one degree or another. We understand that maintenance procedures involving general cleaning and trash removal are necessary tasks for any medium or large property. As part of our overall maintenance plan, we would like to extend our services to your business to include a full-time janitorial staff for your property. This includes your hallways, breakrooms, restrooms, offices, conference rooms, and outside areas.

  • Change air filters and light bulbs
  • Submit work orders when repairs are needed
  • Report unusual or suspicious behavior
  • Report emergencies to police and fire departments
  • Work closely with building managers to suggest improvements
  • Attend employee meetings
  • Work with other onsite contractors and third-party vendors
  • Order cleaning supplies
  • Clean bathrooms
  • Empty large trash bins and waste baskets
  • Restock breakrooms and restrooms with soap, toilet paper, and other supplies
  • Sweep, mop and vacuum floors and carpets
  • Secure doors and windows.
  • Perform emergency clean-ups for liquid spills
  • Wash windows, walls, and glass

Our Website

This website is intended to provide you with information about our ability to provide elevator applications to commercial businesses and residential homes. In order to better serve you as a potential client, we've created a website with accurate service descriptions on repair, maintenance and installation so that you can make a decision on whether or not we are qualified to attend to your specific need(s). We've also included service descriptions on small specialized applications. If you're not sure about our ability to serve you, or if you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

Call Us

Feel free to call us during regular business hours, or contact us anytime to set up an appointment. We'll show up to your location at your convenience and consult with you about all of your building needs and requirements. There is no charge for an onsite review.

Our mission: To provide the utmost quality of elevator service for present and future clients through our customer service and compassionate service of professionalism.

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